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Good morning, Katie, it’s me, R2D2

I know the inspiration behind the sounds of R2D2.  A colorful garbage can on wheels doesn’t at first appear to be an ideal companion, but C3PO was fortunate enough to have a friend who spoke to him like the little Italian bird who, at 5 AM, won’t let me finish sleeping.

It is lovely to wake up in Rome to a chorus of my avian friends each with their own unique language and exotic sounds; all chattering over each other from the next tree and above the terra-cotta rooftops.  It is a conversation, the content of which I am not privy to.  Just the same, I just wish they would save their delight in the coming of the day for another couple hours.  But the sun does not wait, and neither do they; and neither does anything else I suppose.

For those who have been tracking me through this blog, you may be surprised to know I  am now in Italy.  I am touring with my parents for a couple of weeks before the rest of my summer gets underway:  my plans include spending a month in Ireland and Northern Ireland, several weeks in Romania, and finishing up my time on this continent in Albania.

By the middle of August, I don’t know where I will have been, who I will have encountered, what my calendar will say I’ve done, and what I will feel I’ve accomplished.  One thing I have learned, from my time in Zambia and the African continent last fall, and most especially, my attempt at Brazil and South America this spring, is that plans change, no matter how thought-out, how perfected, how certain. 

It is freeing in a way: I cannot possibly control the events that lay before me, but also a bit scary in a way: I cannot possibly control the events that lay before me.  But Dallas Willard’s calming voice bounces around my skull: “the world is a completely safe place to be for those alive to the kingdom of God.”  (Sorry to the good doctor if I butchered that phrasing.)

Well, as I said, John, Vicki and I are touring Italy.  Rome, Florence, Venice.  It is exciting for me: these were my old stomping grounds, for a brief a time, in college; having studied in Florence part of my senior year.  It is a joy for me to be able to explore with my dad a country he has never seen, and with my mom, for whom it is has been 40 years since her last visit.

I have (already! for shame!!) gotten the dirty look – the “are you kidding?  again with the camera?” – for pulling out my third arm, perhaps giving some brief instruction, and snapping away at my subjects.  I am sorry – those of you who have traveled with me.  Pictures are more interesting with people in them.  I can’t help that.  It’s a natural law I can’t change.  So just do yourself a favor and warm up to the idea.

That said, I share a sampling of images from our last couple days.


John and Vicki soak up the Coliseum:

John and Vicki soak up the Coliseum

Piazza della Rotunda:

John and the Vickster in the Patheon:

Hot pooch (it’s been quite warm):

Pathetic that I already forgot the name of the church in which this resides?:

Vicki in San Giovanni in Laterano, “the cathedral of Rome”: 



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